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About company
SANGINA JSC is the largest import and export company in the Baltic region specialising in glass containers, aluminium and plastic lids and closures. Our products designed for the food and beverage industry comply with and are certified to the ISO 9001 standard. Our company maintains close business relations with both large and small manufacturers and consumers as well as suppliers of glass containers and a diverse range of plastic or aluminium lids and closures from the major factories in Western Europe, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, China and other countries. We remain in close contact with our partners to be able to ensure prompt response to customer enquiries. With our extensive logistics and distribution infrastructure and our own warehousing facilities and transport fleet, we are capable of fulfilling all of our customers’ needs and delivering fast turnaround times for both the export and domestic markets.
Our wide product range and existing capacities that allow us to create custom designs as per client’s request enable us to cater to our partners’ needs.
We hope that our comprehensive range of glass containers and closures will fit your every need. Our bottles, jars and aluminium or plastic closures are available in all sizes from smallest (100 ml) to largest (1750 ml). Feel free to browse our product list to find desired products. If you cannot find an item you are interested in, please do not hesitate to contact us . We are ready to answer all your questions.