Lids with print for jars

We offer a selection of patterned glass jar lids. They catch the attention of potential customers, are easy to remember and can refer to the contents of the jar (e.g., lids with an image of a honeycomb). Twist-off lids are suitable for canning various kinds of food: salty, fatty, sweet, acidic, etc. Due to their durability and resistance to deformation, they can be reused for many years.

We offer a wide range of twist-off lids:
Diameter: from 38 to 100 mm;
Height: from 12.6 to 15 mm.

Lids for canning sweet foods featuring:
lids with a bee;
lids with a cartoon bee;
lids with honey;
lids with a honeycomb.

Neutral jar lids featuring:
lids with flowers;
lids with a cottage.
Plain caps are also available.

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